Make my Day

Has some small or large thing happened to you that really made your day?  Lifted your spirits or made life a little easier for you?

If you have a thought to share please email me at with your story.

A friend of mine recently lost her husband.  She was at dinner with her parents talking about how much they missed him. When it came time to pay the bill their waitress told them somebody had picked up their check she pointed to a woman leaving with her small children.  A stranger. The woman must have overheard them talking and wanted to make their day a little brighter.  Her thoughtfulness made them feel not so alone and did make their day a lot brighter.


Another friend of mine asked me to share with you a thought:   Treat those who wait on you such as waitresses or grocery store clerks with extra thoughtfulness.  They have demanding jobs and sometimes people don’t give them a second thought, in fact they are invisible sometimes.  A simple thank you or smile may go a long way to make their day.


One thought on “Make my Day”

  1. Such a kind and selfless thing to do. A much appreciated spot of light in an otherwise gloomy day, I’m sure.

    Talking to my boyfriend about work and contacts, I came to the conclusion that if everyone treated others as though the other person would one day decide if they got their dream job, the world would be much more pleasant. (and woah, that sentence could probably have been written better, but my brain has called it a night)

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