Messages received from sermon “Grace is Not Fair” by Tezenlo Thong

Thank you for participating in the feedback for the weekly sermon “Grace is Not Fair”!  Here are some of the comments received from the congregation describing the message received from the sermon:

  • To lead a live of grace, you must let go of your ideas of justice and rules and trust God.
  • It is so easy to ask for “grace” but it is harder to give “grace”.
  • God’s grace is for all, it is not for me to judge who is worthy to receive God’s love and grace – it is up to me to be a child of God and show God’s grace to others.
  • Every day expand the grace we show others.
  • Our grace should be more like God’s.
  • Extend grace to my spouse and family and be less critical.
  • Forgiveness is to dispense grace.  Dispense grace.
  • God’s grace is amazing and touches everyone.
  • Explore your own margin of grace and enlarge your margin mindfully.
  • Let go of power and rules and let in grace.

Special note to Tezenlo, I received many compliments on your appropriate sense of humor, keep it up!


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