Home made parrot food recipe

I have four parrots, a Cockatoo, Red-Bellied, Senegal, and Jardine.

They get a warm breakfast in the morning and parrot kibble in the afternoon.   I rotate kibble and also mix 3 or 4 different types together to keep my parrots from getting too picky.

Please research toxic foods that your birds should not eat such as: chocolate, salt, sugar, avocados, onions, mushrooms and caffeine.

I start with a 15 bean soup mix discarding any flavor packet.  I sometimes use a Bob’s Red Mill soup mix.  Here I add other grains such a brown rice, buckwheat and barley.  Different grains each time. Soak the beans and grains in plenty of water over night or while at work.  Drain off soaking water and add the fruit and veggie mix below to cook, cook well on the stove or in a crockpot.

Fruit and veggie mix:  I put water, veggies and fruit in a blender, a total of 4 or five different things.  Whatever is in season is good.  No fruit seeds such as apples seeds or any pits.  Organic if possible skins are okay if organic.  If I am making dog food the same night I make a huge batch and use half for dog food, half for bird food.  Just remember dogs cannot have grapes but birds can.

(I know many people feed raw fruits and veggies but I mix and cook everything together for convenience.)

The beans need to be cooked long enough to be soft  for your birds to eat them and for them to be nutritious.  If when done cooking your mix is a little wet you can either pour off the extra liquid (wasting nutrients?) or add something like oatmeal to soak extra liquid.  I sometimes also use a small amount of dried fruit such as raisons to soak up some of the liquid. Usually I just cook gently until liquid absorbed. My birds won’t eat if soupy.

Last I add some herbs like a small amount of parsley or some cinnamon or some crushed hot peppers.  Birds can get picky if you don’t switch it up so every time I make it different.

I divide the mix up into containers and freeze, thawing a one or 2 day batch as needed.  They have this in the morning and at lunch time I give the kibble mix.

Heat in microwave but make sure there are no spots, should be just warm.  Here I add a very small amount of  coconut oil or Udi’s 3-6-9 oil blend.

Be creative the more variety the better.  As I mentioned in my dog food recipe, I read once to try to eat 40 different things each day for the best nutrition.



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