Making homemade dog food and bird food tonight! dog food recipe

My very first veterinarian was a vet during WWII for our K-9 troops.  I am truly blessed to have had him in my life.

He once told me that adding fresh food to my dogs’ diet would only be beneficial.

Feeding them dog kibble was like feeding them dry cereal they could survive on that but it wasn’t the best diet.

I feed half home made and half good quality kibble.  I rotate kibble.  Brands, protein sources and grain sources sometimes no grains.

I have three big dogs and right now don’t really have time to cook for them 100% of their meals.

Please research toxic foods that your dog should not eat such as: chocolate, grapes, salt, sugar, onions.

If you cook hundred percent for your dog research “healthy powder” and other nutrition facts to make sure your dog gets the necessary nutrients.

I start with the whole chicken.  I pressure cook it until the bones are soft which means an hour and a half for small chicken or longer for a larger chicken.  Lots of good stuff in those bones and in the bone marrow try to get organic chickens if you can.  Other proteins sources I use in place of the chicken or in addition to the chicken are salmon, beef, pork, ground turkey, eggs, cottage cheese.  I have an older dog and another dog with digestion problems they really can’t digest raw meat so all meat is cooked. Do not feed raw pork.

I then use a blender to dice in water approximately two fruit sources and three vegetable sources.   I usually use what is in season.  My dogs have been eating this way since pups and they have no problem with the variety.  I don’t like doggy toots so I steer clear of too much broccoli cabbage and similar toot creating foods they get just a small small amount.

For example in the fall I stock up on cranberries and freeze them as this is a good addition to the mix.  Earlier this year when organic raspberries blueberries and strawberries were on sale I stocked up and put them in the freezer.

I add the fruit and veggie mixture to my protein mixture and some scrambled eggs if I decide to add that as a protein source (warning warning this might be a toot source) and cook for a bit as my old guy digest better with cooked veggies.  Then add my grains.  This might be a brown rice and wild rice grain mix that I’ve cooked for myself or oatmeal.  I sometimes use exotic grains here if I have time.  I just started with a grain quinoa and they seem to like it.  It was about 1/3 of the grains to that batch.  Here you can add other cooked protein such as the beef pork or ground or beef turkey (or add some appropriate raw protein – no pork if your dogs can handle it) or scrambled eggs or some cottage cheese for extra protein.

Last I add some herbs like a small amount of parsley or a little mint or if my dogs request Italian, oregano or Rosemary. My dogs like different herbs so I add a small amount of different ones each time.  Sometimes even a little cinnamon which they like.  Or carob which is a little like chocolate but is reported to be safe for dogs and my dogs request when they crave a  Mexican flavor as they say it makes the food have a mole flavor!

Another thing you can add is pumpkin which is a good source of fiber and antioxidants.  Another starch is yams or sweet potatoes.

You can be creative the more variety the better. I read once to try to eat 40 different things each day for the best nutrition.

The last couple of things I like to add to my dogs meal which is added right before they eat it and not cooked is yogurt or kieffer.   Plain with no sugar.  And a digestive powder made for dogs.

Experiment to find out what is optimal for your dog please share if you have time is I am interested in anything I can learn to make my dogs healthier!



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