Today’s Muse 4


Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.


I have a sliding glass door I use to let my dogs in and out of the back yard.

Monty is usually the last one to come in.  When he realizes he is in the yard alone, without his 2 pack members, he checks out to see if I am standing at the door.  If he sees me at the door he races at top speed, never hesitating, never slowing down, never even considering that I might not open the door and that he might crash into the glass.

What an amazing thing to have such trust and belief in another being.  I am so honored!

But, he does not race to the back door if he has one of his “outside” prizes he wants to drag into the house.  He does realize that for some reason I don’t open the door if he has a muddy branch, a dead worm, or any assortment of strange things he is able to discover in my little back yard.

My hero and today’s Muse.





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