Emily and Jake (formerly Mary and Jack)

A mostly true story but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Updated!  The characters in this story have given me permission to use their real names.  Thank you Emily and Jake.


This is the second time we had been to this building.  The last time was last week, exactly one week ago.

Emily was driving as usual and she was nervous for some reason.  She kept glancing over at me and smiling at me, making me suspicious, I suspected that she was trying to put me at ease.

I ignored her odd behavior, I was intent on having a good time tonight just like I did last week.

As we entered the building my anticipation intensified, and Emily’s anxiety intensified.

We were the last to arrive, and as we entered the group I saw that the other couples gave us a wide berth, it suddenly felt like we were an island separated from the others.  Wow maybe I wasn’t going to have a good time tonight!

As our leader entered the group, he was clearly puzzled and possibly exasperated as he almost shouted “Who is that crying like a baby?”

Half of the faces turned and looked at us as the other half turned away as if in punishment.

I looked at Emily adoringly, she had rescued me and I didn’t really want to let her down but I am a being who lives in the moment and at this moment I guess it was I that was crying like a baby.  Well not really crying I was just whining with anticipation of having a good time. The human half of the couples were staring at us, the other dogs were looking away in some kind of doggy embarrassment.

After only week, we were all already a pack – I think our pack is called puppy training class.  The others wanted us to succeed and supported us but didn’t know what to do and that’s why we had a leader who is called instructor or teacher.

Emily adopted me as an older puppy, I’m some kind of a lab mix and a real handful.  It’s possible and probable that I was unadoptable and she saved my life.

I adore Emily and just want to make her happy. I’m not sure how to do that yet but Emily is learning how to communicate with me and we’re going to make it work.

Wish us luck on our journey!




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