Skyline Chili



I confess I have an addiction for Skyline Chili (along with White Castle Hamburgers but that is a whole nother post).  ((Is “nother” a real word?))

This addiction is totally my brother’s fault.  (When you have a little brother you can blame a lot of stuff on him.).  ((Even after you grow up and are adults.)) (((Is it appropriate to use like triple parenthesis?)))

I digress back to Skyline Chili.  A truly regional delicacy.

2-way – layer of spaghetti noodles topped with Skyline Chili.

3-way – layer of spaghetti noodles, Skyline Chili topped with cheddar cheese.

4-way – layer of noodles, Skyline Chili, cheese and chopped raw onions.

5-way – layer of noodles, Skyline Chili, cheese, red beans and onions.

I apologize if I’ve got some of this wrong but I’m from Colorado and just trying to deal with an addiction.

Anyway I’m having Skyline Chili tonight with whole wheat noodles and chicken and Italian sausage.


Note no shredded cheddar cheese I was too lazy and hungry so I just sliced some up in laid it on top hope the Skyline Chili police don’t find me!

Skyline Chili police:  Can we call this the Colorado Way?

The secret ingredient is unknown as it is listed as “spices”.  I believe it is cinnamon but it is still a regional mystery.

This post on my blog is totally only a hint to my baby brother that I am almost out of my Skyline Chili stash and need him to replenish and send me more (because Christmas is upon us) ((Big sister to little bro guilt trip))  (((I really like triple parens!))) and I will also find out if he’s really reading my blog!

A gift box from the Skyline Chili Police would also be appreciated.


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