2014-11-23 messages received from Sermon “Finding God in Discarded Places” Tezenlo Thong

Finding God in Discarded Places

Messages received from sermon by Tezenlo Thong:

  • People are thankful for different things.
  • Moments of grief, fear, loneliness.
  • Focus on blessings, be a better person.
  • God can show up in ordinary places, not just “holy” places.
  • Where have I encountered God, experience God, not always church.
  • Find Jesus in the streets, prisons, hospitals, where people NEED.
  • Thought on serving others, prepare meal for the homeless AND serve it, in place of one of the gatherings we have, what can we do for the less fortunate to share our bounty.
  • Go where God is, where people need us, as we need Him.
  • Faith needs to be accompanied with action.
  • Where will you find God?
  • God is found in the forsaken places.

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