2014-11-30 Sermon ““When are you coming?” Tezenlo Thong

“When are you coming?”

Mark 13:24-37

Today’s reading from the Gospel of Mark is a part of what is known as apocalyptic literature. We see this type of literature in other books like the books of Daniel and Revelations. Apocalyptic literature emerged as a result of socio-political crisis facing the Jews. During crises, the people of Israel were asking, “Why are we suffering? Why is God not intervening on our behalf? When is the promised kingdom coming? When is the promised Messiah coming?”

When we are afflicted by sorrow and sadness in life, we ask, “When are you coming?” When we are confused and tired we ask God, “When is your kingdom coming? When are you going to fulfill your promise?” We recognize forces of darkness, such as violence, injustice, discrimination, economic disparity, etc., around us and wonder how long we will have to endure it. We ask God, “When are you coming? When are you going to show up? When are you going to intervene?”

As mortal human beings we ask these questions when we face circumstances that are beyond our control.  When we are faced with national or personal tragedy that we cannot do anything about, we look to the heavens and ask, “When are you coming?” The Kingdom of God may not happen or come according to our desire and time, but it will surely come. All we are asked is to be busy as we wait and watch. We are called to wait actively.

Tezenlo Thong, Pastor

Simpson United Methodist Church

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