Pickling Update


Earlier this year I received from my brother this pickling contraption.


Unfortunately the instructions were written in Japanese and I don’t read Japanese!

On my first attempts at pickling I thought I was supposed to keep tightening down the little pressure plate.  I kept the veggies really pressed down and the result was uneven flavor because of too much pressure.

Thank goodness for the Internet!  I started my online research and discovered that the goal was just to keep your veggies below the surface of your pickling medium.  Anything above the pickling medium was in danger of rotting or becoming moldy.

Here I just used the pressure plate to keep the stuff submerged.


The pickles on the left, the smaller ones, were picked for about five days and were slightly too salty but had a good flavor.  The pickles on the right were pickled for about three days and were perfect and still very crunchy.

The medium was organic black miso.



Thanks again Sam really enjoying my gift.  Yay pickling contraption!  Great fun!  🍱


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