Make My Day Roscoe Spends The Afternoon With Friends

Thank you Dr. Lindsey and staff of Clear Creek Animal Hospital!


I received a package from my brother.  Thinking to save it for a day closer to Christmas I put it on top of the piano.  It had been up there for several days and I had forgotten about it.

Friday morning I went to work as usual returning home at lunchtime to check on my pets.

Roscoe was lounging on the dog futon with a tin between his paws.  I couldn’t imagine what he had.  He had gotten down the box from my brother (I thought placed high up on the piano and safely out of Doggie reach) opened it, opened the tin inside the box, and leisurely consumed almost the entire contents of that tin consisting of chocolate covered almonds – while I toiled at work. Yum!  At least he had to work a little to get the tin open…

I screamed at him “Chocolate is poison to dogs!”  He looked at me and promptly drooled into the tin.


I immediately called my vet and told them what Roscoe had done.   They heard the concern in my voice and told me to bring him in.  They knew I was worried but needed to get back to work and they offered to keep Roscoe for the afternoon for observation.

I was able to go back to work to earn what I needed to pay the vet bill for having them watch him that afternoon and for any treatment if he should become ill.

Roscoe spent the afternoon hanging out with his friends and digesting his snack.

When I went to pick Roscoe up I was told that he had no ill effects from eating those chocolate covered almonds.   They didn’t need to do anything for him and they didn’t expect any payment for watching him all afternoon!

Dr. Lindsey and her staff have helped me through some really hard times the last couple of years.  She and her staff are wonderful, patient and caring professionals and they have “made my day” numerous times with their kindness and their thoughtful and awesome care of my special companions.

Thank you again Dr. Lindsey and the Clear Creek Animal Hospital staff!



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