Make My Day T’s Gifts!

imageMy friend T, brought my dogs five boxes of treats this week. How sweet and thoughtful my dogs said Woof Woof!

We got to talking about another friend of mine B, who T does not know.  B is having financial problems.  She still has a long road ahead of her.  B is devoted to her family and a big part of her family are her two dogs.

The next time I saw T she had five boxes of treats for B’s dogs along with a big bag of dog food which  T asked me to deliver to B.  I called B and told her I had a surprise for her, someone had given me a gift of food and treats for her dogs. As I was hanging up the phone I could hear her screaming excitedly “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”  I thought: “??????”

When I dropped off the dog food and treats to B she told me they had just run out of dog food.  This gift came at the most perfect time hence the screaming.  The most interesting thing was T had picked out the exact brand B’s dogs were used to eating.

B was ecstatic with this gift and asked me if she had ever met T.  When she realized a perfect stranger had done this for her, her happiness was even greater, it was so wonderful!

Later that day, relaying B’s happiness to T, a tear came to T’s eye.  She was not having the best day.  This lifted her spirits knowing she had lifted somebody else’s spirits and that somehow she had provided a perfect gift at the perfect time.

Sounds like a small miracle to me.  My spirits were lifted and I have been smiling ever since, hope this puts a smile on your face!



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