Fumbly Bumbly Angels of Simpson


Simpson’s own Angels and Friends presented The Fumbly Bumbly Angels, a delightful play written by Dennis Hartin.


The Angels and Friends were captivating and as part of the play the congregation sang with them many of our favorite Christmas hymns.



The story starts with the Fumbly Bumbly Angels being chosen to share in the bearing of good tidings about an event that will save all the people on earth and witness God’s greatest gift to the world.


On their journey they meet shepherds and even Kings bearing gifts.

They meet the innkeeper who allowed Mary and Joseph to stay in his stable when they could find no lodging.

They meet the baby Jesus, the son of God, sent to earth to take away the sins of the world.


They are witnesses to an event that will never be forgotten and is celebrated by the world every year.

For a job well done the angels earn a place in the Heavenly Choir leading the congregation in the finale song Joy to the World.


Well done Simpson Angels and Friends!






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