Make My Day, Judy and Judy


For some reason I have become obsessed with Owls, probably because they are so wise and just thinking about an owl has helped me get through some tough times recently. Reminding me to take a deep breath and just chill.

This owl was a gift from my friend Judy to cheer me up and let me know she was thinking about me.  Makes me smile every time I see it!

I am actually blessed to have two Judy’s as friends.

They are both amazing and both provide me with inspiration.  They are similar in that through tough times they both stay positive. Maybe it’s the name “Judy”?

We are fellow tadpoles (we swim together).  They are both awesomely supportive and, along with many other women in my life, are a couple of ladies who fill the place of the sister I have lost.

I hadn’t been able to get into the Christmas spirit this year.  I think the other Judy must have noticed my slightly Scroogey demeanor or my Grinchy attitude.


She surprised me with this light up Christmas snowman. It took the place of the Christmas tree I didn’t bother to put up. I plug it in every night to help me not forget to take care my spirit.

If a Judy should enter your life embrace her she’ll be a wonderful friend.




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