Make my Day, Sandy the Quilt Queen


My friend Sandy has a real talent for quilting. Not everybody can put together fabric and scraps of fabric the way she does and make such wonderful pieces of art.

When she uses “scraps” to make a quilt those quilts are as amazing as any other quilts I’ve seen.

She’s not afraid to use bold colors which I find exhilarating.

She is one of  those amazing women who, through kindness and generosity, has helped fill the void left by the loss of my sister.

She knows my house is hardwood floors and not friendly to lounging dogs.  She also knows that my companion dogs have been on the front lines supporting me through some recent challenges and are my immediate family.

One of my dogs is elderly and and needs lots of blankets to lounge on the hardwood floors to keep comfortable.


Sandy, in her own way of coming to conclusions, has decided that my dogs need their own quilts.





She did make a matching quilt for me to this dog quilt but the dog quilt came first!

She also made me this awesome billfold many years ago which I just have not been able to use because it is just too cool.  I bring it out to look at over and over but it is a real piece of art and is just for my enjoyment it will never be a billfold!


So how did I get so lucky to have a friend who knew that the best way to give me comfort was to comfort and include my pets?


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