Becoming Adults ‘Seijin no hi’

Nagataya Kyoto Japanese Calligraphy, Shodō

Becoming Adults ‘Seijin no hi’

My Grandfather´s Kimono Design  My Grandfather´s Kimono design

Today is ‘Seijin no hi’. We celebrate having reached the majority of age in Japan (20 years old ) the ceremony is held in the city hall and other public places, the girls wear the kimono.  My grandfather who was a kimono designer made a beautiful blue kimono with long sleeves for my sister at that time. The boys also wear formal clothing sometimes kimono for man (hakama) but nowadays many of them wear suits, we go out with our friends to celebrate with our first beer after the ceremony.

Así nos hacemos mayores los japoneses

Hoy es el Seijin no hi en Japón, se celebra la mayoría de edadde los jóvenes que han cumplido los 20 años. Mi abuelo que diseñaba kimonos hizo un precioso kimono azul con las mangas largas para mi hermana en aquella época. Los hombres también…

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