Can you write my name in Japanese?

Hello Mitsuru, this is very interesting. Our church has Hina Matsuri Festival in March and some of the ladies write festival goers’ names I believe in Katakana. Albert, Eva, and Selén are lucky to receive such a beautiful piece of your artwork. Sanseilife.

Nagataya Kyoto Japanese Calligraphy, Shodō

Selen´Present Selen´Present

Many people ask me to write their name in Japanese, sometimes I personalize some presents . this is one for my friends Albert and Eva, a present for their baby girl Selén.

In Japan we have three alphabets as some of you might know, (hiragana, katakana and kanji).Sometimes it is difficult to find the kanji that matches with the sound or phoneme of your name, because some of them don´t exist! This is why the Japanese people,we cannot pronounce very well some sounds, because those sounds might not exist in our language!.We use katakana alphabet to write foreign words normally, and some of you are very disappointed because you like the kanji letter…

  1. The kanji letter comes from china, but the pronunciation is completely different from Chinese, I cannot understand Chinese at all, but I can guess the meaning from writing.

The kanji letter is an…

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