Tahini Hot Chocolate


I bought some tahini paste a while back convinced I was going to learn to make hummus from scratch.  Four months later I found this in my cupboard and almost couldn’t remember what it was!

I realized I was never going to make hummus from scratch so I searched the Internet for other tahini recipes. I found a really complicated one for hot chocolate from scratch that needed 10 ingredients!  I decided that wasn’t for me but it sounded so yummy….



My lightning quick thinking brain cells helped my lazy brain cells devise a way to make tahini hot chocolate without having to go to the work with 10 different ingredients. Tahini is slightly bitter so if you like a dark chocolate flavor it’s perfect, if not just use less tahini.  It creates a very rich and yummy drink.


Perfect for the snowstorm we just got here in Colorado and to fortify me for some shoveling!



3 thoughts on “Tahini Hot Chocolate”

  1. I never would have thought to add tahini to hot chocolate! And, I love the rich dark chocolate taste… 🙂

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