Make My Day, Thank you Kevin


My friend Kevin gave me a Miracle!

I don’t know how he knew I needed one, probably because he is still wise, as a child of seven he hasn’t lost his intuition or wisdom yet.

Children know that sometimes adults are sad when they are dealing with “adult stuff”.  Kevin just knew I needed a cheer-up and gave me this awesome gift.  I know he took extra special care to make it for me.

Kevin is special.

Kevin always has a hug for me and volunteers enthusiastically to help me carry loads of stuff from my car.

He notices things.  He recently told his Mom that he should sit with me next time because he knew me (and he was being shy) but I secretly suspect there was another reason:  I was sitting alone.

Thank you Kevin for making my day and being so extra awfully special XOXO!


3 thoughts on “Make My Day, Thank you Kevin”

  1. This post made Kevin so excited and he feels very special. He loves you very much. He wanted me to make sure to tell you thank you

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