EnduraPet My Favorite Vendor at 2015 Denver Dog Show


This year I was pleased to see EnduraPet my favorite dog supplement provider at the Denver Dog Show.

About five years ago I was lucky enough to meet this company at the pet expo in Denver.

At the time my German Shepherd dog, Rommy, was about eight years old and was becoming lame and weak in the rear.  He would fall down every few steps.

EnduraPet was a brand new company just launching its products.  They were sincere and confident in their products and in the quality of their products.  On their recommendation, I tried Mobility Plus for Rommy’s weak joints. Within a few days I noticed Rommy being more stable. Within a couple of weeks he was walking comfortably again.

Here he is last week playing in the snow with his brothers almost 14 years old and still able to play hard.


Roscoe uses Calming Plus# during the summer storm season and they all use the Immune Support.

If you’re able to make it to the dog show this weekend EnduraPet is having a show special discount.  A great way to try their products. I’m going to try Daily Multi next!

For more info go here to www.EnduraPet.com

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