Jason The Opinionated Man of Harsh Reality 10 “Facts”

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my stats on WordPress while waiting for the microwave to beep.

I had a bunch of comments, views, likes and visitors, I thought I must’ve accidentally accessed some other WordPress blogger’s account!

Within about six hours I had surpassed my previous daily record on comments, views, likes and visitors!

What happened? JASON from Opinionated Man and Harsh Reality….

Jason had reblogged a short post I did commenting about a WordPress notification.

Jason always offers to reblog, guest post, guest blog, and share a post.   I never took him up on it because I figured it was for his more sophisticated followers but now I realize he can help even us little guys from the suburbs. I’m from Arvada, Colorado. Hey wait I am pretty sure Jason is from Arvada, Colorado!

So here’s 10 things I wanted to share that I know about Jason:

  1. Jason is a gentleman he has always answered my stupid questions quickly and politely.
  2. Jason truly deep down cares about the new bloggers.  He’s kind and responds to their comments in an encouraging way.
  3. Jason’s family is adorable.  (This should be moved to number 1 but I am too lazy.)
  4. Jason is a fun read I don’t always agree with him but I almost always get his point.
  5. Jason doesn’t sleep, he blogs continuously.
  6. I’ve read a Jason post and thought to myself “I wish I had said that!”  (a clever post)
  7. I’ve read a Jason post and thought to myself “I’m glad I didn’t say that!” (I’m a scaredy-cat)
  8. Some readers find Jason abrasive, obnoxious, rude, etc. but that’s what makes him interesting.  He is not afraid to state his opinion and he is going to get a rise from some portion of the WordPress community and beyond.
  9. Jason’s writing is varied and eclectic.  He has surprised me more than once.
  10. Harsh Reality and Jason the Opinionated Man is one of the first blogs I followed.  I have learned a lot from Jason and look forward to reading him forever.  Lets hope he never gets discouraged … too many of us enjoy his presence.

Thanks Jason!



48 thoughts on “Jason The Opinionated Man of Harsh Reality 10 “Facts””

    1. I thought I might be in trouble with you, I went for a swim in remembered in the deep end that I forgot to put a link to your blog in my post sigh I think that was one of your own posts about new bloggers forget and crap like that double sigh 😁😳

  1. Jason has been kind enough to allow me to be a guest blogger twice and each time it produced some of my best overall numbers.

  2. I’ve had the same experience with Jason. He’s very helpful. I agree with you on ALL points. If I ever write something that I feel worthy of a guest post, that’s where I’ll go. Right now, I’m a “scardey cat”. 😉

  3. You make such a valid point: He states his opinion without really worrying or caring what his readers/the WordPress community thinks. That, to me, shows what makes a great writer (something I need to work on). Congrats on the increase in stats, friend! Keep posting!

  4. Reblogged this on The Dependent Independent and commented:
    I didn’t thank Jason when he reblogged one of mine because I found it strange that he did, and didn’t want the attention—breaking a few stats records—to go to my head.  I was also a bit busy answering comments as a result.  And…I don’t know nearly enough to do any “thanks” justice; sanseilife apparently does with this “10 Facts” post.  I love #3 in this list.  But I should clarify that he does sleep…in the morning…honestly, I don’t know when, but he does.

    Now, hopefully things can go back to normal. …Some day.

    1. Wow! A thing (sort of) like this happened to me a couple of months after I started my blog. A very smart guy I used to know when I was in the Ad Biz listed me in his blogroll, and my numbers shot into the stratosphere. In a way it wasn’t a good thing, because it spoiled me for my normal stats (!) But I’ll always be grateful to alicublog.com Check it out. Now I’m going to go check out Jason!

      1. Withdrawal symptoms from spoiled stats…The greater attention adds incentive.  But to add a questionable demand, not knowing what to supply?  Great, now I’m talking business terms; what a way to ruin the potential fun…

      2. Completely understand. In person, he’s actually a pretty cool guy. But his writing is very politically focused. If you’ve taken a look at my stuff you can imagine how surprised I was to have appeared in his blogroll (!)

      3. Wow, I would really appreciate that! It’s alicewhitmoresblog.com I sure hope you like it (!) Best, Lutheranliar

      4. Oh, and thanks for letting me know that my site wasn’t linked to my name. I (think) I just fixed that

      5. oh boo! I thought I did. I’m at work, but will check again soon. Thx for the headsup

      6. Oh this was fortuitous for me. When I set up my gravatar thingy I hit save in the middle of setting it up to check out that the picture took and then went back entered the rest of my info. I think I forgot to hit save the second time. Sigh, mine wasn’t set up either! It is now though!

  5. Well said! Even though I don’t blog about blogging, my interaction with Jason has been productive and encouraging, human and sane. Glad you posted this!

  6. He has been very kind and I appreciate that he is always willing to engage those who comment on his posts honestly and respectfully. PS: I have received a referral or two from him and a couple other bloggers, which I always appreciate! Thanks to those established bloggers who make us newer bloggers welcome!

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