Greasy Gooey Yummy Pizza


As I was taking my greasy gooey yummy pepperoni pizza out of the oven I said to myself “I need to eat more healthy. ”

If you have read my blog for a while you know I cook from scratch for my pets.  I use organic ingredients most of the time.  Consequently most of the time they eat better than I do!

Homemade dog food (recipe here) for my three boy dogs and homemade parrot food  (recipe here) for four parrots.

I recently make some healthy snacks for my pets for Valentine’s Day (recipe here)   And discovered they were pretty tasty so I’ve been eating them too.

Well maybe I’ll make myself a salad, or have another piece of pizza🍕, decisions decisions…



5 thoughts on “Greasy Gooey Yummy Pizza”

  1. Many people say they would never eat dog food so if your dogs are eating a healthy, balanced, organic diet I think you have no choice but to go for the alternative and eat the pizza.

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