Pictures From Past Hina Matsuri Festivals


This is the doll exhibit room.  Families from the Japanese community and others exhibit their dolls each year in March in Arvada, Colorado.  Free and open to the public.

Having this extraordinary collection of dolls in one place is an amazing experience.

I am a sansei or third generation and I am just learning about the dolls myself.  Please excuse me if I have some of the facts wrong, I would appreciate your corrections.  I have no one to learn from except the Internet!


Here is an example of one altar, the Emperor and Empress are in the center top.  The members of their court arranged below them.

The lower steps are in this order:  three Court Ladies (with sake equipment); five Musicians; two Ministers (one old and wise the other one young); the three protectors or Samurai; items from inside the palace; and the bottom platform, items used outside the palace (lacquer food boxes for trips) or items from outside the palace.


This is a display of origami for sale to the public.

hina Matsuri 2

There will also be a table where you can learn simple origami and a table where your name will be written in Japanese characters.

hina Matsuri 1

Here is another example of the Emperor and Empress. Behind them is a folding screen.  The round table holds sweet treats.  The diamond table holds diamond shaped rice cakes.


There will also be flower arranging displays, bonsai displays and live entertainment also free of charge.

Bento lunch boxes will be offered for sale in the early afternoon while supplies last.

Hope to see you there and here is a link to more information for March 2016.

Arigato gosaimasu!





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