Learning to go it alone.


Monty jumped on Roscoe playfully last night but the scream Roscoe let out stopped Monty in his tracks.  Roscoe and I were on our way to the emergency vet immediately.  I instinctively wanted to call my husband who would calm me down on my drive to the clinic.

It was a habit really.  Kelly may have worked out of town a lot but he was always available when I needed him.   I remembered again that I was going to have to do this alone.  One more thing in the string of things that happen every day.  Big and small things, things you share with your spouse.


Cancer stole Kelly from me.  I am mad, I am sad, but mostly I’m alone.

But sometimes I don’t feel so alone, sometimes I feel like somebody is with me and helping me.  Just when I think:  “Oh my gosh I just can’t do this anymore”, something wonderful happens and I can move forward.


9 thoughts on “Learning to go it alone.”

  1. I am at a loss of what to say really, I can completely understand your loneliness, and anger, Cancer is a very insidious disease , it took my wife,I am sorry that you must walk this path, may you find moments of joy and peace on your journey

    1. I realized after reading a couple of your posts the blogging is about sharing and I needed to share my feelings perhaps I can help someone in their journey thanks for taking the time to comment and good night

  2. Hello, it is sad to hear this, bud life is sometimes sad and sometimes happy, I hope you can have good news soon. Take care a lot, we are stronger than we think in this situations

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