Wedding Kimono Displayed at Hina Matsuri Festival


This beautiful wedding kimono was displayed at the Hina Matsuri festival.  An iro-kakeshita kimono with amazing detailed embroidery.


Another type of wedding kimono is all white, the shiromuku kimono.  It is all white as the bride indicates her willingness to take the groom’s family colors.

The bride wears a type of veil or hood covering her face called a wataboshi.  The groom removes it at the end of the ceremony and underneath she wears another head covering called tsunokakushi.  (Tsuno means horns.)    This head covering represents the bride’s willingness to let go of jealousy and indicates her obedience to her new husband.


These colorful flowers are for good fortune and a deep connection to nature.


Photographs do not do this beautiful kimono justice.  I am grateful I am able to expirience artistry such as this at the festival each year.



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