Ikebana displays from Hina Matsuri Festival


The traditional Japanese home will have a small alcove where seasonal art is displayed.

Ikebana, the art of observing nature is an example of treasured seasonal art.  The ikebana arrangement may be used in harmony with other works of art or alone.



Amazingly these different angles reveal totally different aspects of the same story.


The simple flower arrangement celebrates the beauty of subtraction.  Empty spaces reveal their secrets.


image image image

Does the mood of the arrangement begin with the container?  The color, the shape, the texture.  Or is it the relationship between the container, and each flower, leaf, branch and other elements of the arrangement that express the story of the artist?

The art of ikebana requires the artist to use all five senses.  Finding beauty and balance in the simple and bringing every day life into appreciation.



7 thoughts on “Ikebana displays from Hina Matsuri Festival”

  1. Beautiful photographs and very interesting. I love this art form, which is new to me! I find it enriching, and will try it in my home. Thank-you for sharing. 🙂

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