Little free library a.k.a. book exchange



A Little Free Library, also known as a book exchange post, has been set up in our parking lot!



Who knows how many books are sitting on shelves waiting to be read or reread.   This free program allows you to pick a book, keep it for as long as you need to finish reading it, return it and exchange it for a new book.

Or do you have a favorite book you want to share with others?  Just place it in the free reading library!  You may change someone’s life.

This is really a neighborhood book exchange located in the small suburb of Arvada, Colorado.  It creates an opportunity for neighbors to share books, including children’s books.

The best part?  Note the dog treats!

4 thoughts on “Little free library a.k.a. book exchange”

  1. These are super prevalent in Bellingham, WA where I live. It feels like there is one every few blocks in some neighborhoods and they are all creatively decorated! I have never utilized them for book exchange, but I have their mileage basically memorized. I think to myself “Oh! The library with forks all over it?! Wow that last mile went super fast. Next up, the rainbow painted one in .5 miles!”

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