Spring Cleaning Incentive


Need some motivation to get that spring cleaning started?

We have been having unusual rain here in Denver, Colorado.

So unusual it seem like half the people you talk to have had their basements flooded.

One such person is my friend Nancy.  She put spring cleaning into perspective for me.  Her basement was flooded and when the clean up crew came to empty her basement she made a momentous decision!

If she hadn’t needed it in the last ten years she didn’t even need to look at it.  Into the trash.

I have been struggling with getting in the mood for spring cleaning.  I am going to be almost as ruthless as Nancy!



3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Incentive”

  1. I often have a hard time getting rid of things. I’m always worried I might need it in the future. I agree with Nancy’s approach..one MUST be ruthless. A friend to ask, “do you really need this..I mean really?!?” helps as well.

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