Yikes! I have a yarn stash!



How did this happen?  First I joined a group and we were going to knit and crochet for the homeless and other charities.  So of course a bunch of yarn was donated and I picked out a couple or few skeins to take home.

Then I went to Joanne’s and picked out a couple or few more skeins.  Um, they were having a sale.

Then I went to Hancock Fabrics, they were having a sale too……., and picked out a couple or few more skeins.

Then I went to Walmart and saw they had a couple or three of fun colors for reasonable and picked out a couple or few more skeins.

Then I went to the thrift store and somebody had donated a bunch of yarn, still with the wrappers on them, never touched, pretty colors so I picked out a couple or few skeins.

Yikes, now I have a “stash” and the terrible itch to “pick out a couple or few more skeins”!  And I haven’t even been in a real yarn shop yet, help!

The worse part is I am still a beginning knitter.  I haven’t learned to crochet yet at all.  All I have progressed to is making ten inch squares for blankets.  That is like a skein a month is all I need…..

Sigh.  I’ll never use the stash up.  Hey, isn’t that the point of a yarn stash?




24 thoughts on “Yikes! I have a yarn stash!”

    1. It helps to start on a very easy project and have a good group of ladies around you that you can ask questions the church ladies were so helpful otherwise I’d still be on my first Square

  1. I feel you’re quite wise to stock up. What if there’s some crazy global yarn hording craze? You could be left out in the cold with no yarn to knit a sweater! I grew up surrounded by women who knitted. I have several large quilts and I love them. I would be interested in seeing a post of some of your squares. I’m sure other would as well. 🙂

    1. That’s hysterical! I tell my husband that I cannot die until I have knitted every inch of my yarn. Then I buy more-it’s life insurance.

  2. Your stash is nothing compared to mine….and mine is nothing compared to some of my friends’ stashes! Be proud of it!

    1. Having a yarn stash is like having a pet, it’s soft and cuddly, it soothes the soul, it is never demanding, although it does beg you to knit something with it. You don;t have to feed it, just keep it from getting tangled (I am sure it comes out at night and dances around a May Pole)! But most of all yarn and the knitting (or crocheting) that accompanies it is cheaper than therapy and it NEVER tells your secrets!

      1. Well said! I’d only add that for households with fur babies (and human babies, too), that you have to make sure your stash is secure or you might find a ball or two winding their way around the house. (Guess how I learned that lesson!)

      2. Oh I didn’t want to admit it but I looked up one day and saw one of my dogs carrying around a skein of yarn ha ha. He had taken the wrapper off was all but he was so happy!

      3. Been there. Dogs and cats love yarn so you need to be diligent about keeping it away from them. Glad that your yarn survived. Mine didn’t. 😦

      4. Thought I had but i guess not. Hmmm…good idea for a future blog, though! Thanks for the idea.

  3. I have a yarn stash too!! Oh my gosh, I purged it and you know? It grew!! Lol. How does this happen? Yarn fairies?

  4. Gee I an so glad there are yarn-aholics to join us quilters who are fabriholics!!! Hope they never invent a 12 step program for us. I would fail miserably!!! LOL

    1. It’s the yarn stash faries that are causing this craziness! I blog about you quilters too I’m getting ready to do one on some friends who are helping me with the charity project making memory quilts such wonderful ladies

      1. ahhhh can I get away with fabric stash fairies to place blame here? lol That is wonderful that your group of ladies is making memory quilts. what a blessing those will be to those of you who make them and those who receive them!

  5. that’s how it started for me as well… someone at work gave me a couple of skeins, I started making hats for the homeless, but then I need more yarn so bought just a bit, then someone else heard about my project and donated 4 or 5 huge bags of yarn, and well…try as I might, my stash just seems to grow rather than diminish. But so many hats are being created and so many heads will be warmer this winter. So, don’t worry, you are not alone! 😉

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