2015-5-31 “The Mysterious Divine” Sermon, Tezenlo Thong

“The Mysterious Divine” Sermon, Tezenlo Thong

(Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 29; John 3:1-17)

Who or what is God? Is it/he/she God, YHWH, Wakan Tanka, Eshwara, Allah, Dark Energy, Gaia, etc.? Throughout human existence, human beings across the universe have been seeking to understand “GOD”. Hence, so many names of God and religious traditions.

Have we understood the Mysterious Divine? Do we know who or what God is? Someone said, “A comprehended God is no god.” That is comforting, because we have the tendency to comprehend God completely, fully to our satisfaction and liking.

For this Trinity Sunday, the lectionary texts portray a mysterious God who is awe inspiring, fearsome, and beyond description and comprehension. In the words of Amy Jill Levine, “God is free to be; God is a verb; God is being.” God is free to be what God is and wants to be. Conversely, that mysterious Divine, we believe, is not only majestic, but also loving and gentle like the wind; transcendent, yet immanent; mighty, yet graceful; and most importantly, calls or invites us to know, feel and share with others.

In the end what is important is not how much we know or how we know; what is truly important is how that knowing of the mysterious divine changes us, shapes us and make us to be better persons in the world.

Tezenlo Thong, Pastor
Simpson United Methodist Church


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