Miso Pickled Eggs or Miso Tamago



Miso pickled eggs or miso tamago, a savory and delicious addition to your noodle soup bowl.  If you are unfamiliar with miso tamago start with a mild miso paste.  You can then decide to use a stronger miso for your next batch.


Thoroughly coat peeled hard boiled eggs with the miso paste and wrap them securely with some plastic wrap.



Let marinade 3 to 5 hours in the refrigerator.  Or overnight if you like a stronger and saltier flavor.  I marinated mine overnight.


Scrape off the miso and rinse your eggs.  You can save your miso for one more batch of miso tamago.  I actually added most of my miso to the huge batch of soup I made.


The miso gives your eggs a lovely brown color and a wonderful flavor.

You can add your miso tamago to any kind of soup such as udon or ramen.


I made a simple soup with chicken, onions, celery,  carrots and shiitake mushrooms.  I added some of the left over miso for extra flavor.  Since miso tamago is salty I did not use any additional salt.


I made a huge pot of the soup and will rotate add ons so I don’t get bored.  Add ons such as grated ginger, roasted sesame oil, or mirin.

If you are adventurous you can try your miso tamago in any other recipe you might use hard boiled eggs such as a savory egg salad or as an add in to potato salad.

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