Getting Past Knit and Purl


In an effort to move forward with my knitting I bought this fun calendar from a local yarn shop, “the recycled lamb”.

What an adorable shop and a great group of knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and other needlework fanciers!

I dropped in at their monthly Knit Knite night and it was a packed house.  The event is free and designed to share projects different members of the group are working on.  They were so kind to this new knitter and were very helpful, friendly and encouraging.  They gave me the courage to get past just knit and purl.


Yikes, I didn’t even know what I was reading here.  It looks like a foreign language to me.  Find an easier page.

Take a deep breath and do a search on YouTube for knit Cross 2 Back (C2B) and knit Cross 2 Front (C2F).

I am working on ten inch squares for prayer blankets.  Here is my latest square.  Wish me luck!



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