The Ads on my Blog Site are Unknown to Me! displays advertisements on my blog to help keep free blogs free.

I have no control over these ads and I never see them….

I hope they are not offensive or unpleasant in any way, please let me know if they are!

11 thoughts on “The Ads on my Blog Site are Unknown to Me!”

  1. Reblogged this on Praying for Eyebrowz and commented:
    One of my favorite blogger friends posted this today. Rather than writing my own caveat I reblogged hers. Ok, so I’m lazy, but if you’re looking for a wonderful blog to follow I highly recommend

    1. I just happened to see four ads in a block at the bottom of one of my posts from a different computer. I clicked past it to fast and couldn’t find it again, sigh.

  2. gives you the option of paying them $30 a year to turn off those ads. I pay because I’m an animal welfare advocate and a dog lover. I don’t want ads from puppy mills appearing on my blog. So there is an option of turning those ads off. I highly recommend doing it.

    If blogging a message is important to you, turn off those advertisements. Not only do those ads detract from your message, they might pull readers off. One click and your newest reader is gone.

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