Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Another Talented Artist


The Cherry Creek Arts Festival here in Denver Colorado is one of my favorite festivals.

This year on July 4th my stepdaughter and I connected with this artist.



Alex lives in Arizona and we aren’t as close as either of us would like to be.

As a surprise I went back on July 5th and picked out these two sets of earrings.

If we each were buying a pair Alex would have bought the pair that looks like twigs and I would’ve bought the flowers.

This is what we did.  We each keep one earring from each set to wear them together. Then we can think of each other when we are wearing them!

The artist was excited when she heard what we were going to do in to make the earrings even she put the flowers on short wires and the twigs on long wires so they are about the same length when we wear them.


We will be thinking of each other a lot!






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