Take That! To the Kind and Helpful Brandy at the Yarn Shop!




So when my step-daughter Alex was visiting me last week we hung out for awhileat the Recycled Lamb Yarn Shop.

A delightful staff person, Brandy, was helping us with questions and just in general being friendly.  Alex and Brandy were talking about their yarn stashes.

Alex looked pensively at me, I had just the night before, in secret, showed her my alarming yarn stash.  As someone new to knitting I thought it was huge, it fits in one small paper box……

Alex immediately told Brandy about my stash and its size, Brandy looked me right in the eyes and said “How cute!” and burst out laughing.

Well check this out Brandy, I doubled my yarn stash in one purchase, here is what I picked up today!  Now I will need two small paper boxes for my stash!



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