Guest Bog Post From Monty, Quilting by Aunt Sandy

imageHi, my name is Monty and I’m a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

I don’t know if you remember my earlier post, it was about these potholders my Aunt Sandy makes where you can place a bowl in the center and put them in the microwave.  If your bowl bubbles over the potholder catches the goo.

Well one day my mom was using one of these and her bowl bubbled over and the potholder caught all the goo.  When mom wasn’t looking I stole the potholder and ate it and it was delicious.

My Aunt Sandy made mom these replacement potholders, aren’t they lovely? I can hardly wait to steal another one I’m sure it’ll be delicious.
imageimageWhat else is my Auntie up to?  Quilting!!
imageimageimageHer new plan is using variegated thread, she loves the outcome.  I do too.   Even though I’m a dog and color blind I can tell this is awesome!imagehere is a square before and after quilting. imageimageAnd tada, all put together.

imageI love having such a talented Auntie.


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