Make My Day NOT! Outback Steakhouse

image Since becoming a widow recently I often find myself eating out alone.

This is not a problem because I love to people watch and I make up stories about everyone sitting around me and the waitstaff.

Out running errands yesterday and after donating blood the day before I had a sudden hunger for something beefy like a rare steak.

Outback Steakhouse, hadn’t been there for years and couldn’t remember why I never want to eat there ….

I don’t ever go into a restaurant when I’m eating alone during their peak hours.  I don’t like taking up the table just by myself. It was about three in the afternoon perfect nonpeak hours.

I looked around as I walked in and saw that they were not busy at all. I was taken to a table where I read the dessert menu, the drink menu, read about each one of their salads, read about all of their steaks and entrées, still had not seen a staff person.

Well I take that back about a dozen staff people had walked past me, I could see one talking on a cell phone, a couple were just doing side work. A few glanced at me but didn’t bother to say anything.

Yikes!  Up until that point I was just bored.  Now I was annoyed. Got up and as I was leaving I told the hostess that no one had even spoken to me.   She stared blankly at me I don’t think she even remembered seating me earlier.

Well now I remember why I don’t eat at Outback Steakhouse!

But if I ever want to write a post about being invisible I’ve got lots of experience now.    Thank you for that Outback Steakhouse but “Make my Day”? Not!



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