Kyle meets The Flash, page two.


When I shook Barry Allen’s hand that terrifying feeling of premonition once again came over me and a vision flashed through my mind before I could catch it.

That was when, for the second time today, I found myself on my ass.

Barry Allen had brought up the Silverbell artifacts.  Those were real artifacts dug up Tucson in 1924.

OK then, I felt a little better. The Silverbell artifacts are a real collection from an archeological dig.  Barry Allen had to be real police detective.  He was not The Flash.

But why did shaking his hand put me on my ass?

Why did he mention Calalus?  An unknown land thought to be a medievil Roman colony, the location of which has never been found…. much like mystical Atlantis.

The most alarming thing was his statement that the universe was relying on me.

I decided to stay in my ass for a while.


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