Little Free Library a.k.a. Book Exchange



Booker here, a guest blogger at sanseilife and a Little Free Library.

Who visits the Little Free Library?

John and his dog Shadow visit every day for 2 dog treats.  Shadow first must sit and then shake hands.

John never even looked at the books.  Just not interested in reading some story.  Today this book caught his eye.


John has always wondered about fly fishing and just retired last year.  John definitely has the reading bug now!



Who knows how many books are sitting on shelves waiting to be read or reread.   This free program allows you to pick a book, keep it for as long as you need to finish reading it, return it and exchange it for a new book.

Or do you have a favorite book you want to share with others?  Just place it in the free reading library!  You may change someone’s life.

This is really a neighborhood book exchange located in the small suburb of Arvada, Colorado at 74th and Wadsworth.  It creates an opportunity for neighbors to share books, including children’s books.

The best part?  Note the dog treats!

Booker out now, hope to see you soon.


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