Presence and intent

A great way to start the week, with a new list of really important tasks!


As I stumbled to the coffee pot the white board on the refrigerator stopped me. The white board is the white shiny surface with multiple color markers like the ones you see hanging in corporate offices. In the office you might see the agency vision, the strategy and all the plans for the company to prosper or meet its mission.

On my white board you typically will see the “to-do” list which easily can have 16-25 tasks that should be accomplished before Monday. As I thought about it I felt angy because we can spend all week scheduling moving from one appointment or task to another. Many of us experience 8-10 hours a days and 5 days a week without fail. We drone from one task to another to another, sipping as much coffee or coke as possible to make it through the day.

Today, I grabbed a napkin, got it wet…

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2 thoughts on “Presence and intent”

  1. I love your “to-do” list. I’d look forward to checking off those tasks if my list looked like this one! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some comments on my post about Tanner. I’m sorry to hear about losing your pet. They are probably new friends now by the Rainbow Bridge. 🙂

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