Kyle meets The Flash, page three.

imageI’m not gonna lie to you.  When I shook Barry Allen’s hand not only did I have an overwhelming terrifying feeling but I also had a feeling of invincibility.

I felt like something really important was happening.  Then I saw myself through Barry Allen’s eyes.  Yikes!

I was the superhero of my dreams!   Every boy’s imagination of saving the world….but mine seemed to becoming true.

Still on my ass, I looked at myself through Barry’s eyes, or was he The Flash?

A cape, the symbol on my chest was a blur but somewhere in my mind I knew what it was.

Swooning like a schoolgirl the Silverbell artifacts intruded on my adventure.

Back to reality.   Was I destined to save the universe?

And Calalus?   That mysterious land, it was important to me and Barry Allen and The Flash.

I decided to stay in my ass for a while.



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