Invisibility, My Friend in the Wheelchair and Good Tears

Rommy sleeping

Hi, my name is Rommy and I am a guest blogger here on sanseilife.

Although I am no longer in this world my mom thinks about me a lot and I try to send her memories to remind her about the great life we had together.

I reminded mom about a friend I made one day.  Laura was in a wheelchair and was very sad.  I went right up for her so that she could pet me.

She told my mom that she was amazed that I was not afraid of her or her wheelchair.

Mom and I would occasionally go on outings with Laura.  She knew all the friendly people and cool places that didn’t mind me coming in their stores.

One day we were in a favorite store and about five people talked to Laura and asked her about her dog friend.  She was the happiest I had ever seen her.  Suddenly animated and laughing the whole afternoon.

Later she told my mom, with tears in her eyes, that she loved going places with me.  She said she used to be invisible but now when people saw me they saw her too.  I thought people tears were a sad thing but that day I learned people tears can be a good thing too.

Laura is here with me and met me at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome me.  She doesn’t need her wheelchair anymore.

Mom always tries to take a moment to smile and say hi to those invisible people and I just reminded her why.


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