Ear Wax? Who Knew the Dangers of Cotton Swabs……

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I had a friend tell me about how cleaning her ears with cotton swabs landed her in the doctor’s office to have the wax that was pushed deeper into her ear canals removed.

“Cotton swabs they do much more harm than good, and excessive ear cleaning will almost certainly land you in the doctor’s office, says Leon Chen, M.D., an ear, nose, and throat doctor at Manhattan’s ENT and Allergy Associates. While you may see a satisfying bit of yellow on the cotton bud, chances are you’re actually pushing most of the wax deeper into your ear canal, past where it’s naturally produced (and ideally should stay).

Earwax also holds antibiotic and antifugal properties, and too much cleaning can lead to ear and skin complications down the road, from ear infections to eczema in the outer ear, says Dale Tylor, M.D., a pediatric and general otolaryngologist at Washington Township Medical Foundation in Fremont, CA. Even more concerning, she adds it’s pretty common to see patients who’ve poked a hole through their eardrum after using cotton swabs.”

I was reminded about her story today when I read this article, for the full article go here


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