Today’s Muse, Yoga in the Sanctuary




Muse:  A source of inspiration and a guiding spirit.

Our Yoga group practices in the small sanctuary of Simpson UMC.

The stained glass windows and shoji screens make for a serene setting for our practice.

Today’s Muse is our practice last night.

Our group  was small, very calm and meditative.

I lead the group so I don’t participate in Savasana by laying down in corpse pose but remain seated, holding the energy of the room, guiding the energy toward restoration and relaxation.

Last night at the end of Savasana I asked the group to release from the pose, wiggling fingers and toes, taking deep breaths, etc.

No one moved….. the room had fallen asleep!

Earlier today I realized that I really did a poor job of holding the energy in the room. Rather than restore and relax I let the room fall into a deep slumber, so deep they didn’t hear the chimes, didn’t notice the music ended and didn’t hear me trying to rouse them.

Just now I realized that we all achieved an amazing goal and left our practice totally relaxed and restored.  Poor job?  I have let it go.





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