New Program, DIA Therapy Dogs

Malachi, proud member of the Canine Airport Therapy Squad

My friend Malachi has enrolled in a new therapy program at Denver International Airport.  He is a volunteer with the Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS for short).

Malachi is a certified therapy dog.  He and his human companion Karen stroll the concourse looking for passengers who need cheering up.

Karen and Malachi at Denver International Airport
Malachi waiting to start new therapy program at DIA

Malachi and his canine therapy buddies are looking forward to helping passengers calm travel nerves so be on the look out for these friendly pups, they will be wearing their “Pet Me” vests.


5 thoughts on “New Program, DIA Therapy Dogs”

  1. Oh my goodness this sounds like an awesome idea! Do you know how long they’ll be doing it? I’ll be in at DIA in December and I would love to pet adorable Malachi.

  2. It is a beautiful dog, but German shepherds are somewhat intimidating to people. He looks like a total sweetheart, but in the second picture, he looks like he needs reassurance.

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