Extreme Dessert, Nutella Mochi


Fresh made mochi toasted in a little butter until the outside is slightly browned and the inside is soft and chewy.


Spread a bit of Nutella to taste… as you can see I have quite a taste for Nutella so I am having a bit of toasted mochi with my Nutella.


Eat warm.  Yummy.

P.S.  I have seen a very healthy type of mochi at Vitamin Cottage, whole grain brown rice mochi, not too bad!


3 thoughts on “Extreme Dessert, Nutella Mochi”

    1. It’s an acquired taste I think I have been eating it as long as I can remember not with the Nutella🤔. It’s good luck to eat it in the soup on New Year’s Day and that’s how I mostly remember my dad making it. There are lots of ways to eat it…

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