On Writing, Stephen King


The best part of the Writers’ Cruise was the surprise guest speaker, Stephen King.

The next best part of the cruise was the Class 4 hurricane that veered unexpectedly into our path.

Thank you Mother Nature!

The crew members herded the passengers toward the life boats.  Almost all of us had worked ourselves into some level of hysteria over what was to come.  Writers and their imaginations!

Stephen King was standing calmly, watching the chaos of Hurricane Edwin unfold around him.  I was sure the irony of his middle name, Edwin, being the Hurricane’s last name was stimulating his imagination.

He caught my stare and smiled.  As a crew member directed him past me toward one of the life boats he casually reached out to grasp my elbow suddenly including me in his entourage.

Little did I know that my ultimate fantasy was about to come true, being stranded on a desert island with Stephen King!

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