Make My Day Smoked Salmon From Den Thank You!


My brother-in-law Den sent me some yummy smoked salmon for Christmas.

Small batch smoked is like small batch good quality whiskey!


Here it is with on whole wheat mini bagels and cream cheese (on my favorite Skyline chili plate from my brother Sam).  The word divine is appropriate.

Add this excellent wine suggested to me by my friend Mary and you have the perfect late night snack.   The wine is wonderful, smooth and dry with a lovely blueberry finish.

There are two more boxes of smoked salmon, guess I will have to go buy more wine!

Thank you Den for the perfect “make my day” late night snack!



3 thoughts on “Make My Day Smoked Salmon From Den Thank You!”

  1. Yummm, also. Like the wine choice as well. We traditionally enjoy smoked salmon, champagne, and other goodies such as fine cheeses and pate, on New Year’s Eve, while watching “Casablanca.” To heck with Ryan Seacrest and Rockin’ New Year’s Eve!” 😉


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