Sketching at Lunch and Meet Carol


I have put a small sketch book in my purse to encourage myself to start drawing.

I was having a quick lunch.  I had just ordered and had a few minutes, hum what to do?

“I am having lunch with Carol, she is going to bring you something this afternoon!”  The gentleman at the next table was speaking loudly into his phone.  I glanced over and was struck by Carol’s expressive eyes.

Out came the sketch book!

Who were they?  I think they were brother and sister. Frank and Carol.  A Christmas Eve lunch date, Frank needed to get back to work but Carol was going to visit their Mom.

Every year, on Christmas Eve, they would give their Mom three poinsettia plants. One red, one white and one pink.

One for each of the three kids.  The tradition continued even after they lost their older sister to a car accident.

Most times Carol’s eyes are sad. Her baby brother Frank is the only one that can bring a smile to her face that reaches her eyes!



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