Sketching Levon at the Pub Rickoli’s

imageA great model.  Levon the chihuahua sat for me at one of my favorite pubs Saturday.  I hadn’t used a dog model before and wondered why he looked so human in the upper right hand sketch.  Yikes!  I gave him eyebrows!  Practice practice practice and don’t improvise….

He was enjoying the pub with his favorite person Mary Alice and his friend Scott.  Mary Alice rescued him after discovering that she is not only a cat person but a dog person too.  Both of his humans were very nice so I didn’t sketch them.  😏


This young man with the beanie thought I was taking notes.
imageThis young girl was a teenager but her eyes made her look older for some reason.  She was an only child playing board games with her folks.  Hanging out with adults makes you wiser and maybe that shows in the eyes…



7 thoughts on “Sketching Levon at the Pub Rickoli’s”

    1. Thanks! I have just started, less than a year and haven’t been doing it as often as I should. I think I’ve done less than 100 sketches so I really need to get after it.

      1. I read something recently that there is no one that can’t sing, there is no one that can’t draw, there is no one that can’t dance. There are lots of people who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time ha ha! No seriously you have a great imagination and write awesome reads.

      2. I have noticed sketching in public (about three times now) people don’t even know what I am doing . My joke is that I am Asian so they think I am writing something complicated🤔

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